For LL
LL is a designer brand dedicated to creating limited edition high quality lingerie collections. LL's creative concept focuses on the beauty of the female body, striving to reflect its style and individuality while taking care of its comfort.
Limited Lingerie offers a special experience to every woman by highlighting her unique nature and giving her the comfort and confidence to be the best version of herself.
LL collections are influenced by global fashion trends in the creation of women's underwear, are made entirely of high-quality Italian fabrics, and the models are inspired by the dynamic and daring style of the modern woman.
LL's design concept develops the innovative idea of ​​high-end women's underwear that can be easily combined and transformed according to the fashion vision.

How we create
LL models are produced in limited series, with a design unique to the brand, digital cuts and laser cutting. The designer print and elastic with the initials are our trademark. We pay great attention to the choice of material and the precise craftsmanship of every detail. With a variety of branded prints, color ranges and possibilities for style combinations, we create author's models with marked individuality and uniqueness.
Each LL product is packaged and reaches the customer in a luxury branded box.

Limited Edition Lingerie/Freedom Collection
A designer collection of luxury lingerie that reflects the conceptual concept of the LL brand. The styles feature exotic patterns and bold colors and are crafted from ultra-light printed jersey.
The limited sets of women's underwear are available in five colors and two versions of the top - with a triangle cup or a bustier. The bottoms of the sets are high-waisted cut-out panties with wide elastic. The models have adjustable straps and no fastening, for more comfort and elegance. Sizes range from XS to L with a choice of different sizes for individual pieces.
Freedom Collection is suitable in different style combinations and looks. The innovative cut and light, breathable fabric allow it to be worn discreetly under jeans, leggings, a fitted dress or as part of sportswear. Seamless models of bras and panties naturally emphasize the figure and bring the feeling of comfort and sex appeal.