Exchange and Return

Exchange and return

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer has the right to replace or return a Product requested by him within 14 /fourteen/ calendar days from the date of arrival of the item at the office of the courier company or when it is delivered to the address indicated by the customer, except for the following:
1. Tights, leggings and silicone socks are not accepted due to the specifics of the products.
2. Bikinis are not exchanged or returned due to hygienic requirements regarding the items and their specificity, except when the exchange or return is presented to the courier or the courier company.
If the buyer states that he wishes to replace or return the product ordered by him within fourteen days, he should notify the Merchant and return the Product as follows:
1. In its original packaging and box /carton/
2. With the original tags, with no indication that the Product has been used or damaged in any way
3. A mandatory condition when returning or exchanging bras with hard cups is that they be folded as received so as not to deform the cup. Bras received and after inspection found to be folded incorrectly and as a result the bra cup is deformed will not be accepted.
4. A mandatory condition when exchanging or returning a product is to have a FRAGILE and INSPECTION indicator on the product, and this must be requested by the customer at the courier company EKONT when handing over the product.
5. When exchanging or returning a product, the cost of delivery in both directions is paid by the customer.
6. When returning, if the customer has taken advantage of the right to free delivery (ie delivery to the courier is paid by LIMITED UNDERWEAR instead of the customer), then the customer owes a refund of the cost of the courier service, which is carried out by deduction of the free shipping amount from the amount to be refunded. If it is sent to an account office, the amount deducted from the refund amount is BGN 5.59. If the shipment is sent to the address, the amount is BGN 7.20.
The refund is made by cash on delivery through the courier company EKONT within 7 working days /14 calendar days/ from the date of arrival of the goods at the courier company.
Delivery time for replacement items is 1 to 2 business days!
We are not responsible for discrepancies between the readings and the actual color when shooting with a camera.
The item can be exchanged for the same or a new one, and in the case of a price difference, the amount will be refunded or collected as cash on delivery when the new shipment is sent.